About Us

The Global Youth mentoring network was formed in November 2014, following a seminar at NUI, Galway entitled ‘Youth Mentoring and Social Support: International Perspectives‘. The group of researchers and practitioners present at this meeting felt that it was important to create a forum through which youth mentoring research and practice knowledge could be shared internationally.

Group photo

Members of the Global Youth Mentoring Network. From left, Mary Lynch, Tereza Brumovska, Jenny Spratt, Francisco Simoes, Caroline McGregor, Gabriela Dima, Bernadine Brady, John Pinkerton, Michelle Potter (on skype). Missing from picture: Tess Noonan.

The Network has committed to a series of actions – including the development of this website, writing of policy briefs and an annual seminar.  The Network is affiliated to the Global Network of UNESCO Chairs on Children, Youth and Community (http://agsci.psu.edu/unesco/global-network-of-unesco-chairs-on-children-youth-and-communities). Through this network, higher education and research institutions all over the globe pool their resources, both human and material, to address pressing challenges and contribute to the development of their societies, with particular interest in the rights of vulnerable populations of youth.

Organisational structure
General membership: General membership of the network is open to mentoring researchers and agencies worldwide. Members must complete a registration form and agree for their details to be listed on the website. Membership is free.

Steering Committee: The Network has a Steering Committee responsible for co-ordination, maintenance of the web-site and reporting to UNESCO Global Partnership Chairs. The Committee is made up of a mix of academics, students, practitioners and policy makers involved in youth mentoring. This group of 6-8 people, drawn from the general membership meets approximately once every quarter (generally via skype). Membership of the steering group is reviewed every 2 years.

Co-ordinator: The co-ordinator(s) is responsible for the administration of the network, maintenance of the website, etc. Co-ordination is reviewed every two years.


Global Youth Mentoring Network Steering Committee. Front Row from L to R: Bernadine Brady, Tess Noonan, Cristina Mirica, Oscar Prieto-Flores. Middle Row from L to R: John Pinkerton, Tereza Brumovska, Mary Lynch. Back Row from L to R: Francisco Simoes, Caroline McGregor, Pat Dolan.